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i am Brady Dee,  a life coach specializing in relationships, leadership and life vision & enhancement. 

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My Story

Everyday we go out into the world and play the leading character in the movie that is our life. For some of us this is very much scripted, for others its improv. Regardless of the mask we put on to portray our character externally; internally we all have a backstory. Most likely you found yourself here reading this because you're wondering and asking yourself the question who is Brady Dee? 

Like many people, I found myself struggling with relationships. I was struggling in all of my relationships, intimate relationships, relationships with family and even the people around me at work. This led me on a journey of self-discovery and development. I discovered the root of my struggles stemmed from early childhood trauma. In response to these traumas, my brain tried to protect itself by disconnecting with the present, which included preventing myself from establishing meaningful relationships. To address the relationship struggles i was having with other people, I had to first repair the relationship with myself.   

We all should be our own first love. We cannot truly value other people nor create meaningful lasting relationships until we fully know ourselves and love ourselves. The journey to self-love begins with self-discovery. Self-discovery is an infinite process wherein we first define our values and routinely we check-in with ourselves to determine if we are living our values. For me personally, and for everyone who isn't a psychopath, I find myself in inner turmoil when I make a decision not inline with my values. 

I am a natural-born leader. I developed on this quality by taking an active role in organizations and programs that allowed me to learn how to be a leader. I have taken formal leadership training, attended seminars and conferences on leadership. I have been a team captain in sports. Professionally I have been a corporate trainer for a multi-billon dollar company, I have also managed and coached staff.  

I decided to be a life-coach because helping other people to improve their qualify of life by achieving goals and reducing negative emotions gives me fullfillment in my own life. My values are honesty, integrity, and tact. I approach life coaching with enthusiasm and with a sense of responsibility,  My goal is based on my vision to improve society or at least some portion of it. I have lived through some terrible things in life, some of which actually happened. You see, our perception of our life is often times more disturbing that the actual reality. I recognize this not just from textbooks, but from having lived life. 

I hope that you have gained a little insight about me from reading this. if you want to know more about me, i recommend you read my blog posts and view some of my content on Instagram and YouTube. I guarantee you'll find out a lot more about me by that way than if I just told you.  If you're curious to have me as your life-coach now, click the link below to schedule a free discovery call!

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